European Year of Development

Eradicating poverty in developing countries is an important priority for the EU. Our efforts should go hand in hand with those aiming the achievement of the sustainable development goals. I welcome the European Year for Development initiative and I am convinced that an integrated European approach together with the involvement with the various stakeholders will result in significant progress. Instability and conflict situations are unfortunately typical for the less developed areas in Africa, South America and Asia and in many cases violent conflicts and illegal activities of local militias are financed from minerals extraction and trade. Breaking the link between mineral extraction and conflict financing is a complex challenge. The European Parliament is taking the lead in the EU action to promote responsible behaviour by companies operating in such areas. An integrated approach is entailing a trade-related EU regulation but also foreign policy action and development cooperation initiatives. As the rapporteur for the Regulation setting up an EU system for supply chain due diligence self-certification of importers of 3TG originating in conflict-affected and high-risk areas I am committed to contribute to the elaboration and adoption of an efficient and balanced regulation at the core of the EU integrated approach.