Winkler Gyula

Comment: Critical raw materials – a trade policy for sustainable supply chains

In a guest contribution for Borderlex, four Members of the European Parliament call for a trade policy that is better adapted to the European Union’s new Critical Raw Materials strategy as it rolls out its Fit-for-55 climate package. Concluding outstanding free trade agreements with Chile and Australia is seen as part of the solution. One …


SME Europe, the most active EPP organisation, despite the difficult context of the pandemic

SME Europe, the economic and SME organisation of the European People’s Party, was among the most active EPP organisations even in the difficult context of the pandemic. This was one of the conclusions of the SME Europe General Assembly held this week in Brussels. The organisation’s First Vice-President, MEP Iuliu Winkler, pointed out that SME …


The EU-Australia dialogue must bring mutually beneficial solutions

The European Union and Australia are like-minded partners with many common challenges. The Indo-Pacific is a strategic area of engagement for the EU, and an economic growth engine we must not ignore. Still, the way in which the AUKUS deal was done and the French submarine deal terminated is not reassuring EU-Australia relations. Nevertheless, despite …