We expect non-discrimination and openness from Beijing

“The EU cannot be a partner in a traditional sense with a country whose leaders disregard international obligations and exploit pandemics. Systemic rivalry has become the overriding paradigm in our relationship. We expect China to deliver on its own commitments. Selective application of the international rules-based order is unacceptable. We expect non-discrimination and openness from Beijing as well as its readiness to accept responsibility and accountability, which comes with its enhanced role on the global stage”, said Radosław Sikorski MEP, author of the EPP Group’s strategy towards China ahead of today’s EU-China video summit.

According to Sikorski, given the political consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and the introduction of the new Security Law in Hong Kong, the current EU approach towards Beijing is outdated. “EU policy regarding China should be based on the following principles: cooperate where possible; compete where needed; confront where necessary. The EU cannot compromise on its values and principles in its dialogue with Beijing. The European Institutions need to use all their leverage to persuade the Chinese leadership to turn this inspiring country into a responsible member of the international community. Moreover, the EEAS should review its recent response to China’s investment strategy by making contingency plans for cases like the disruption of supply chains or the spread of diseases.”

Iuliu Winkler MEP, EPP Group Rapporteur on China and Vice-Chair of Parliament’s Committee on International Trade, also pointed out the complex character of EU-China policy and urged for progress in the investment agreement negotiations. “Europe and China are simultaneously partners, competitors and rivals, hence the delicate nature of the balancing act which is needed. The commercial interests are a vital component of our overall strategic interaction. The EPP Group supports substantial progress on an ambitious agreement on investment”, he said.

Source: EPP Group, https://www.eppgroup.eu/newsroom/news/we-expect-non-discrimination-and-openness-from-beijing