Winkler Gyula

Winkler: It is high time to find European solidarity and joint action in the face of danger

In the midst of the crisis caused by the pandemic, the EU’s priority is people’s lives and their health. In order to achieve results, however, European solidarity and joint action must be found in the face of this danger, stressed MEP Iuliu Winkler (RMDSZ, EPP) in the explanation of vote on the approval of emergency financial measures under the Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative. Iuliu Winkler also points out that the first urgency is to fight …


European Economic Stimulus Plan needed to combat the socio-economic effects of the coronavirus epidemic

MEP Iuliu Winkler (RMDSZ, EPP) drew attention to the fact that the coronavirus epidemic will produce an economic and social crisis in the EU, and Europe will need an Economic Stimulus Plan as effective as the one from 2008, which was intended to combat the effects of the global financial crisis. “The spread of the …


The EP consent on the EU-Vietnam agreements will fulfil the EU’s vocation as a catalyst of reform

By granting consent to the EU-Vietnam agreements the EP will fulfil the EU’s vocation as a force for good and a catalyst of reform. We face an important decision in our February Plenary Session with upcoming votes on the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) and the Investment Protection Agreement (EVIPA). These strategic agreements have a …