Winkler Gyula

EU-Australia relations: a partnership with still-untapped potential in a volatile global context

We are currently in the middle of the EU Trade Policy Review. After the reshuffling of portfolios in the Commission, and the assumption of duties by Executive Vice President V. Dombrovskis, the public consultation linked to the TPR has been prolonged until 15 November. A new Trade Policy paper from DG Trade is expected to …


Access2Markets: a new multilingual online tool coming to the aid of European SMEs

Iuliu Winkler, MEP (EPP/RMDSZ) salutes the launch of the Access2Markets online tool, which comes to the aid of European SMEs and businesses which want to engage in international trade. “SME Europe of the EPP, the EPP’s SME advocacy organisation, has long been asking for an instrument that streamlines complex regulatory frameworks for SMEs wanting to …


United in Diversity – Hearing on the Minority SafePack Citizens Initiative

Diversity in the European Union is not only diversity between Member States, but also diversity within the Member States. The Ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union made this clear, so this is the way that we understand our EU motto “United in Diversity”. The distinct and unique cultures of the national …