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EU and China coming closer, thanks to Donald Trump?

Iuliu Winkler, member of the European Parliament – EPP, Romania: “Just a little bit better than business as usual” “What we see is that action is needed. And what I see, from the trade point of view at least, is that we have again flamboyant words and optimistic declarations – even written ones – but …


The EU´s Chairmanship of the Kimberley Process – a great opportunity for sustainable growth and prosperity

The European Union Chairmanship of the Kimberley Process in 2018 should be an opportunity to foster consensus towards a progressive way forward in terms of reviewing and reforming the mechanism, reflects Iuliu Winkler, Vice-Chair of the International Trade Committee (INTA) in the European Parliament (EP), during a meeting with Hilde Hardeman, Head of the European …


#FutureOfEurope debate #Strasbourg with Emmanuel Macron

Your campaign, Mr President Macron, l’Europe en marche! reminds us that indeed, we Europeans are all in march confronting several battles, which we better win if we want our Union to last for the generations to come. The greatest battle of all is the one with the enormous disparities, the ever rising inequality and the …