TTIP shall equally serve all Europeans

An attempt to analyse the necessity and opportunity of the trans-Atlantic trade and investment agreement should respond to some simple questions.

First: is status-quo an option? I think not, in the rapidly changing global environment standing still in fact means falling behind, so the status-quo in trans-Atlantic relations is no option.

Second: do WTO multilateral trade negotiations represent an alternative? I think not, as the Doha Development Round stalled for many years and post-Bali agenda is currently endangered by some of the negotiating partners. Successful conclusion of TTIP could actually re-invigorate DDA and push negotiators towards a conclusion of the round.

Third: can we allow European food safety, social system, data protection or cultural diversity to be endangered by the provisions of the FTA? Absolutely not!

It is the role of the European Parliament to make sure that fundamental interests of our citizen are safeguarded, that community method fully applies, and that TTIP, when concluded, will boost global competitiveness of the EU, but it will in the meantime equally serve all Europeans.

Intervention in the debate on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
Commission statement