Reducing bureaucracy and continuing the process of decentralization: important targets for RMDSZ

Reducing bureaucracy and continuing the process of decentralization are two of the most important objectives that RMDSZ will pursue in the coming years, confirmed MEP Iuliu Winkler, President of RMDSZ Hunedoara, at a news conference in Deva on Wednesday.
 “RMDSZ proposes a drastic reduction of bureaucracy and the courageous continuation of the process of decentralization,” said the MEP, who pointed out that an overburdening bureaucracy and a lack of decentralization are factors that significantly hinder development and modernization. This is visible on a wide spectrum, from the smallest villages to the largest cities.
“Good governance means a minimal and effective bureaucracy. (…) Our program for the European elections was drawn up after serious consultations with our community and our associations.  Reducing bureaucracy and enhancing decentralization are underlying themes present throughout this program. (…) We want to exert a double pressure, both from Brussels, from the European Parliament, as well as from our local communities, in order to achieve these goals.  The issue of decentralization goes hand in hand with that of de-bureaucratization. The values and key objectives of RMDSZ have been the same for 30 years, and decentralization is definitely one of those goals”, stressed Winkler.
The MEP emphasized that the bureaucracy coming from Bucharest has a suffocating effect for local authorities, farmers, entrepreneurs and large companies, and has contributed to the poor performance of Romania as concerns the absorption of European funding. “We will come up with concrete solutions from both our communities and from Brussels”, said Winkler.  He highlighted that, in the context of the debates linked to the adoption of the Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021-2027 at the end of this year, the European Parliament could impose provisions that would no longer permit Member States to apply additional conditions, other than those required by Brussels, in the process of accessing European funding.
At the same press conference, referring to the European elections of May 26, Iuliu Winkler emphasized that EP elections have never been more important. “The May 26 elections are the most important ones.  None of the elections so far have had a bigger stake than these at the end of May. The European Union is at a crossroads, and the divisions between East and West, North and South, are higher than ever. Two visions of Europe are conflicted, the one of a multi-speed Europe, and the one of a Europe of communities and regions, and certainly, as it was designed by the founding fathers, of national states.  We want a Europe of communities and regions, a Europe in which, for instance, Transylvania can be an important actor”, concluded the RMDSZ MEP.