MEPs committed to thoroughly scrutinize the EU China investment agreement

Currently we witness a deeply uneven trade and investment relationship between the EU and China. China is a strategic partner but increasingly also a strategic competitor of the EU.

The CAI will contribute in rebalancing this relationship, benefiting European companies and investors. The CAI provisions do not stand alone, they will be complemented by the existing and upcoming EU autonomous trade measures in order to tackle imbalances in the bilateral relationship.

I welcome the substantial achievements in market access and the level playing field, namely the rules against the forced transfer of technologies, obligations of SOEs and transparency rules for state subsidies.

I stand committed to fully engage in the scrutiny process of the INTA Committee and the European Parliament, to ensure that the deal is up to the expectations of MEPs in all important areas, including improved market access, tackling market-distorting practices and unfair competition, as well as sustainable development provisions on climate and environmental protection, on sustainability and corporate social responsibility and certainly on labour rights.

I will only be able to support the deal provided it complies with our position on the above-listed areas. Enforceability is key, so we need clarity and predictability of the enforcement mechanisms.

The European Parliament must exercise a strong role in the monitoring of the future implementation of the agreement, and we expect the European Commission to fulfill its obligations in this regard as well.

INTA Vice-Chair, MEP Iuliu Winkler’s remarks following INTA Monitoring Group on China held on 30  December 2020