Local government has a vital role in the modernization of the state

MEP Iuliu Winkler welcomed the opening in Brussels of the Representation Office of the District Councils Union from the Republic of Moldova (UCRM). He congratulated the promoters of this initiative, stressing the vital importance of local government in the modernization and reform of the state.
“Without the contribution of local administration, the reform of the state and also the joining of the Republic of Moldova to the EU are impossible”, said the MEP in his speech at the opening of the Representation Office in Brussels.
“We are already in an electoral year in the EU for the European elections next spring. The debate concerning the future of Europe has intensified and some participants in it are confident in the EU as a union of states, others in the EU as a union of regions. But in this regard, it doesn’t matter what the future holds for us, because regions will remain at least as important as today”, stressed Iuliu Winkler.
In the same context, he assured the participants about the fact that not only MEPs from Romania, but also all political groups in the European Parliament, support the European aspirations of the Republic of Moldova. “The efforts and reforms done by your country have generated positive reaction and support on behalf of all political groups in the EP which endorse the European way of your country. This support is accompanied by rigor concerning the democratization process”, declared MEP Winkler.
As a member of the Committee for International Trade of the EP, Iuliu Winkler will continue to endorse all dossiers regarding the trade relationship between the EU and Moldova. “I will continue to be supportive because I am confident that the participation of Moldova in the EU is the guarantee of a better future for each citizen of your country”, he added.
Iuliu Winkler attended the inauguration ceremony of the Representation Office of UCRM at the invitation of Moldovan´s officials.
He is the coordinator of the INTA´s Monitoring group for Moldova and the standing rapporteur in the EP for the European Commission’s proposal to immediately fully liberalise the imports of wine from Moldova to the EU in response to the recent unjustified ban of such imports by Russia.