Iuliu Winkler and Sogor Csaba top list of UDMR candidates for EP elections

The Standing Bureau of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) on Saturday decided the order of its candidates for the European parliament elections, with incumbent MEPs Iuliu Winkler and Sogor Csaba being placed on the first two positions, Mediafax informs. The other four candidates of the Union for the EP elections are: UDMR Secretary for International Relations Vincze Lorant, Deputy Secretary General for Culture and candidate of the Union’s Women’s Organization Hegedus Csilla, candidate of the Conference of the Hungarian Youth in Romania Antal Lorant and Eckstein-Kovacs Peter, former senator and presidential advisor. “I am certain that we shall exceed the electoral threshold and we shall secure two mandates,” UDMR Leader Kelemen Hunor said. According to him, UDMR decided to continue the negotiations with the Hungarian Civic Party (PCM), with a view to securing a long-standing cooperation, as there is the possibility that the Union’s list might be changed depending on the outcome of the talks, except for the first three positions. “But the list will belong to UDMR, our logo will appear, our identity, not another coalition,” said Kelemen, pointing out that the final list of candidates will be approved by the Council of the Union’s Representatives (CRU) to convene on March 1 at Targu Mures.

Nine o´clock, February 23rd, 2014