#FutureOfEurope debate #Strasbourg with Emmanuel Macron

Your campaign, Mr President Macron, l’Europe en marche! reminds us that indeed, we Europeans are all in march confronting several battles, which we better win if we want our Union to last for the generations to come.

The greatest battle of all is the one with the enormous disparities, the ever rising inequality and the powerty. For millions of Europeans life in dignity is out of reach simply because they are desperately poor! Masses to be manipulated by populists and anti-europeans.

Mr President Macron, we will not win this war with a new Finance Minister for Europe! Neither by creating a special Eurozone Parliament! Nor will Europe win in a two-speed format!

The EU will win the battle against poverty by enforcing solidarity between all its willing members, by enhancing Cohesion Policies and by better financing its common policies!