Dear Europe!

Today it is 9 May, it is your day! On this day, some look into the past, others look to the future. Those considering the past emphasize on this day your historical role, highlighting the end of the war, the longest period of peace in your history, and the reconciliation between nations.  All of this is very important, but looking into the future is just as important.

We, Hungarians from Transylvania, look towards the future and today, on the occasion of Europe Day, our common European construction, which we call the European Union, is ahead of a crossroads.  Everyone agrees that change is needed and we all know that change is inevitable. The precise direction of change however, is what people, governments and politicians in Europe are disagreeing on. There are people that envision Europe as a melting pot: nations, national communities, identities, regions, tradition, religion and culture, are all placed together in a mortar, where all these elements are crushed into small pieces, then poured into a melting pot; from here, one gets a larger, uniform structure. There are yet others who regard European diversity as its main value, and the European Union is visualized as a mosaic where identities, cultures, languages, traditions, nations, national communities and European regions are all unique.  One could see these as gems in this mosaic, unparalleled in the world, that we call the European Union.

Our Hungarian community in Romania tells you on 9 May, 2019, on Europe Day, that in order to continue the construction of Europe we must return to the values of the founding fathers, placing once again the citizen, the community, Christian traditions and the importance of preserving identities at the heart of the European project.

With the enlargement of Central and Eastern Europe, diversity has increased spectacularly in the EU, making it a truly unique construction in the world.  This aspect ought to be maintained, Europe has to return to this journey and follow this path forward.

We, Hungarians in Romania want a Europe where nations, national communities and regions can build a prosperous future, preserving their own values. We want a Europe where autochthonous minorities can feel safe because they know that regulations are being prepared that protect all on an equal footing, guaranteeing at European level the security of autochthonous communities, national minorities and all European citizens.

That is why we wrote to you today, from the capital of our homeland, Erdély – Transylvania – Siebenbürgen, from Kolozsvár – Cluj – Klausenbug.  We have declared our will with honesty. Kindly accept it wholeheartedly!

Happy Europe Day!
9 May, 2019