An obscure compromise on the MFF is not a solution

We must find the answer to the crisis and to its multiple challenges, but right now we are on a wrong path!
No real solution will arise of the obscure manner in which the European Council, without transparency, tries to build up a compromise between the nationalistic selfishness’s and the hypocrisy of European leaders, whom, at Brussels, voice their strong support for the EU but do not hesitate back home to resort to protectionism and to anti-European discourse.

We already have the answer to the expectations of our citizens: The Europe 2020 Strategy and particularly the 2014-2020 MFF. The new MFF must ensure the necessary financial support for the common European policies, for investments, for creating new jobs, and for us – the citizens of the new Member States – equal chances with the older members of the EU regarding the Cohesion and Regional Development Policy and the Common Agricultural Policy. The new MFF must be adopted in a genuine Community spirit, not only with a formal observation of the Community method. This week, the European Council must take into account the opinion expressed by the European Parliament before yielding to the temptation of concluding an obscure compromise against the true interest of the EU citizens.


Strasbourg, 7th of February 2013

Written statement of Iuliu Winkler concerning the debate regarding the preparations for the European Council of 7-8th of February