A key message to our Chinese partners before the EU-China Summit: The time to act is now!

In the European Parliament Plenary debate on EU-China relations, International Trade Committee Vice-Chair, MEP Iuliu Winkler, had the following address:

It was high time that the EU narrative in relation to China, changed! This converges to the EPP Group’s position, which I have recently expressed in the International Trade Committee. Our calls to see concrete changes on the ground intensify. I am glad to observe that the Commission also addresses much attention to trade-related aspects. A robust trade policy is key to the future relationship with China.

The three main priorities of the EPP Group are already very well known. Let me reiterate them:

– We want improved conditions for European companies through better market access.

– We want concrete action to level the playing field on the Chinese market, especially concerning State Owned Enterprises

– We highlight the importance of reciprocity in our trade & investment relations.

 As concerns the upcoming EU China Summit, we urge the Commission to maintain its assertive position. Indeed, also at last year´s summit, the Joint Declaration has included some clear promises, which have yet to be met. Our message to the Chinese partners is clear: the time to act is now!

China needs to start delivering on the promises it has made numerous times, especially on advancing the investment treaty negotiations, while addressing the issues related to state-subsidised industries and technology transfers. We want to see a concrete change on the ground, to the benefit of European businesses and investors, and finally to all the citizens of the European Union.